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Site dedicated to every single elderly person in the world who needs a little help using computers and Windows.

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These computer tutorials are for all seniors who need a little help using computers
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You can learn it. I can help.

By Shoban Sen

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Ever since I first published COMPUTER HELP FOR PEOPLE OVER 50, I have received numerous compliments from seniors both by e-mail and as guestbook entries. They thanked me and blessed me for making these easy to understand tutorials available in the Internet for free. Many of them also requested me to publish such easy to understand tutorials on other computer topics. Encouraged by tremendous popularity, I have already published a companion to my first site called INTERNET BASICS FOR SENIORS. That site also became quite popular within a short period of time. A large number of seniors, who wrote to me, requested for more basic "basics". Since I myself learnt computing (I am a self-taught man) when I was in my mid fifties, I completely understand the difficulties and needs of the seniors. I have decided to go all out to help the seniors this way as much as I can. This is my humble way of giving back to the community. I expect nothing in return except may be a word of appreciation by e-mail! Unfortunately, my guestbook provider HTML Gear, have shut down their operations. So I don't have guestbooks on my sites anymore.

COMPUTER HELP FOR PEOPLE OVER 50 deals mainly with how to handle the files and folders. ABC'S OF COMPUTING will deal with more elementary things. This site is for the REAL beginners who hardly knows the difference between a monitor and a computer.

This is my third computer tutorial. I shall try to ensure that my readers can easily move between the tutorials by providing adequate links from each page. Each tutorial has a different background color so you know you are in which tutorial. Improvements in linking will be made over time. It is a vast project. At the time of writing this I am 64 years old and I have a family and a full-time job. So please be understanding and be patient.

If you are a first timer in my computer tutorial site, please read about me and my qualifications to write computer tutorials here. Scroll down the page a little to find the info.

A few quick notes before we begin:

These tutorials are for Personal Computers (PC), not for Macintosh (Mac). The Operating System is Windows. I use Windows 98 at home. Therefore, the examples and screenshots will be from Windows 98. But please understand this - if you learn the basic principles here, you can apply it to any Windows based system. If you are using Windows XP, your screen may look a little different than the screenshots you see here. But please be assured if you understand how things work in Windows environment, you can apply it to any later version of Windows. You will be able to figure out yourself if things work slightly differently in the Windows version you are using. I can and do use all available versions of Windows with ease. Because I know the principles how Windows work! It is like learning to drive a car. If you know how to drive a car, you can drive any make, any model, any year car. Different cars have controls located at different places. Sometimes the controls look slightly different. But you can always figure them out. Sometimes figuring out may take an extra minute. But you can always figure it out. Right?

This site is about basic Windows help. All Windows based programs work basically the same way. If you know the general principles about how to work in Windows environment, you can figure out many things about the particular applications you are using yourself. But don't expect answers in this site about how to do a particular thing with a particular application you are using, such as your word processor or your photo editing program. Such discussions are beyond the scope of this site.

And always remember Windows online help and the particular application's online help are your best bets for solutions to your specific problems. Well, probably a better bet is telephone support from the Technical Services Representative of the company concerned, provided you are eligible for Tech Support, and provided you can get through to them!

Okay, let's get started. I shall touch on the following topics in the order they are listed. You can read everything from beginning to end, or you can jump to the topic of your interest by clicking on it. But if you are a REAL beginner, may be it is a good idea to read things from beginning to end - in the order they are listed.


Microsoft is no longer supporting Windows XP. If you are still using XP your computer is no longer protected from thousands of dangers lurking in the cyberspace. Please upgrade to Windows 8.1 ASAP. Don't be afraid. Everything you need to know about Windows 8.1 is already available at WINDOWS 8.1 - Help, How To's, and Tips.

"This little site has a wealth of information for the beginners in computing."

A Quick Orientation to Computing If you are absolutely new to computing, take this orientation tour first. Others can skip it.
The Desktop and the Taskbar All the actions happen on the desktop and the taskbar keep a track of everything and comes to your rescue when you are at a loss.
How to Start a Program Whatever you want to do with your computer, you will have to use a progam. So first learn how to start a program in your computer.
A Window and its Different Parts To be able to use Windows you better get acquainted with windows.
How to Use the Program Menus Each program gives you a menu of commands. Familiarity with where to find a needed command can help you to use the program efficiently.
The Dialog Boxes Familiarity with dialog boxes can help you to use your computer effectively.
Changing Display Appearance Beginners who would like to decorate their computers will find this section useful.
Tips for the Beginners Numerous helpful tips to get you started and to make your life easy. If you did not find the answer to your question anywhere else, try here.
How to Print a Document Many printing mysteries solved for the beginners.
Word Processing Basics Basic word processing tutorial for the beginners in word processing.
Smartphones for Seniors The information you need to start using smartphone that will enhance your life. Smartphones for Seniors

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First published on July 4, 2005
Last modified on June 26, 2018

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Please respect my ownership of the copyright to these tutorials. You are welcome to use them to learn the ABC's of Computing. However, there are a few restrictions on their use.
1. DO NOT put these tutorials up on a site of your own or use them in a classroom, claiming them as your own.
2. DO NOT send these tutorials to a newsgroup or e-groups. Provide a link to the original tutorials instead.
3. Translations of these tutorials are welcomed but my previous written permission IS REQUIRED. Translations are to be clearly marked as translations of these tutorials with a link back to this site. Translators cannot claim credit for the original idea.

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