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This section has been written by my young friend Jason Gordon. He plans to include more information on use of smartphones by seniors in the future. If you have specific questions about general use of smartphones, please e-mail me.

Don't deprive yourself from the convenience of smartphones

It’s true that the older you get, the more complicated technology seems. This is certainly the case for many seniors when it comes to cell phones. So you may be asking yourself, which cell phones are best for seniors? Many older individuals are still clinging onto their flip phones and feature phones, which are easier to use thanks to their basic functions. The world is constantly changing, and grandma and grandpa need to keep up with the times. There’s no reason why seniors shouldn’t be able to divulge in the most recent smartphone technology, whether it be sending a filtered Snapchat or calling for a driverless Uber, they have every right to use these technologies just as much as the rest of us. Here are three handhelds and smartphones that is suitable for seniors in today’s age of technology.

Doro 824 SmartEasy
The Doro 824 SmartEasy is available from Consumer Cellular. It is a smartphone that is tailored toward senior citizens with its simplified features. It includes a five inch touchscreen with large icons and text, making it easier on aging eyes. There is quick and easy access to the most used apps, such as the phone, messages, camera, email and web as all are featured on the home screen. There is even a built-in coach for help. Perhaps one of the most useful features for seniors is the Emergency Alert button, which is situated on the back of the phone. The phone can be purchased for $200 at Target or Sears or through Consumer Cellular itself.

iPhone 6s Plus
The iPhone 6s Plus is an excellent choice of smartphone for seniors. It sports a 5.5 inch touchscreen that is bright and easy to read. There are accessibility features for users who are visually impaired that increase the text. There are also options for hearing impaired seniors and the iPhone can be paired with hearing aids. The iPhone 6s Plus starts at $649 off contract or can be purchased on contract for $0 to $100 through some carriers. iOS 10 is an easy to use operating system that even the least tech savvy seniors can quickly get accustomed to and understand. A good alternative for seniors who prefer a phone with a smaller screen is the iPhone SE, which starts at $449.

Jitterbug Smart
One of the best smartphones for senior citizens is the Jitterbug Smart. Currently in its fourth generation, this device is considerably larger than its predecessors. It is available from GreatCall Wireless and is made by Alcatel. It has a simple user interface and a 5.5 inch touchscreen. The most essential apps are all easily available on the home screen, while contacts are easily accessible under the “People” tab. There is a 5Star medical alert service included in case of emergencies and an Urgent Care feature that provides unlimited access to medical professionals. The phone is $150 and is available on GreatCall’s website as well as at Rite Aid, Walmart, Best Buy and Sears.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5
The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is another good choice for seniors who want to upgrade to a smartphone. It packs in a sizeable touch screen at 5.7 inches and includes an S Pen stylus that makes it easy to access or write anything on the screen. There is also a special Easy mode, which will display information such as the time, weather and the 12 most frequently used apps. Accessing the 12 most important contacts can also be done by swiping right from the home screen. The Note 5 is available at all major wireless carriers with a price tag starting at $549.

These are all excellent choices of phones for seniors due to their variety of features and ease of use. Even the least savvy users will quickly learn to use them and feel more tech smart as a result.

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This page was added on 1/7/2017