What is bookmark and how to do it

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Many visitors to my site have e-mailed me asking what is bookmark and how to do it. Here is a quick primer.

Just like in a book you can bookmark a page so that you can come back to that page easily later, you can bookmark a web page so that you can come back to the same page in the future without having to remember or type in the web site address (URL). Bookmark is also sometimes called Favorites.

You can bookmark a web page while you are visiting it. Here is how you do it:

In Internet Explorer, while visiting a web page, click on Favorites. In the resulting dropdown menu click on Add to Favorites. Then click on OK. The title of the web page will be added to the list of your Favorites. The next time you want to visit the web page, click on Favorites, look for the title of the web page, then click on the title. The web page will appear on your screen. The title of this web page will be listed as Computer Help For People Over 50 By Shoban Sen - What is bookmark and how to do it (as it appears on the dark colored title bar on the top of this page). You can edit this title and choose something shorter or easier for you to recognize this page. You can easily figure out how to edit the title of the page in your list of Favorites when you gain a little experience using computers. For now just accept the title as it appears on the title bar of the web page.

If you are using AOL, drag with your mouse pointer the red heart icon that is on the right hand side of the title bar onto the My Favorites icon (a folder with a red heart) on the toolbar. The web page will be instantly added to your list of Favorites. To access your favorite web page later do this:
1. On the Favorites menu on the toolbar, click My Favorites (a folder with a red heart). Your list of Favorites will appear.
2. Click on the title of the web page you want to revisit to highlight it, then click Go.

If you are using Netscape, click on Bookmarks (located on the extreme left of the line that contains the Location or web address field), then click on Add Bookmark. The title of the web page that you are currently viewing will be added to the list of your bookmarks. The next time you want to visit that site, click on bookmarks. In the resulting dropdown menu, find the title of the site and click on it. You will be directly taken there.

Easy enough?

Bookmarks or Favorites can be organized by keeping them in different folders. Some of the bookmarked pages can also be deleted later when you no longer need them. You will be able to figure out yourself how to do these simple tasks once you make yourself familiar with the basics of computing.

Now that you have learnt what is bookmark and how to do it, go back to home page and bookmark that page. You would be glad that you did it. This site will make using your computer effectively so much easier! And I promise I shall talk in a language that you will understand.

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