Copying a file to a floppy disk

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Sometimes it is necessary to copy a file or a folder to a floppy disk. It could be for making a backup copy or to transport computer files from one computer to another. The process is pretty simple.

1. Insert a floppy disk in drive A (floppy drive) of your computer. Make sure the disk is formatted and not write-protected. In a write-protected disk both the square holes of the disk will be visible. When one of the square holes is covered up with the little slider, the disk is not write-protected (unlocked). Also the disk goes in the disk drive with the label side up and the arrow going in first.

2. In My Computer, click once on the file or folder you want to copy. It will be highlighted.

3. Click on File, then point to Send To. On the fly-out menu, click on 3.5" Floppy (A). The file or folder will be copied on the floppy disk, but the original will remain in its place.

4. When copying is finished, take out the floppy disk from its drive by pushing the button, and using a felt pen label the disk. Write very lightly on the label. Applying too much pressure with a sharp point like a ball-point pen, may damage the disk.

5. Always store blank or used floppy disks away from magnetic fields, heat or direct sunlight.

Update added on January 14, 2014: Modern computers of today do not come with a floppy drive anymore unless you special order one from the manufacturer. But external floppy drives that connects to your computer via an USB port can still be bought!

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