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We have learnt how to save a file, how to move a file, how to copy a file, and how to open a file. But what if you cannot remember where a particular file was saved, and you cannot find it? Of course, you can go to My Computer and browse in all your folders. But that can be very time consuming and tedius. Luckily, Windows has a Find Files and Folders feature which can come very handy at difficult times.

Click on "Start", point to "Find", then click on "Files or Folders...". "Find: All Files" dialog box opens. Notice there are three tabs in the dialog box.

1. If you know the name of file and its broad location, use the first tab marked "Name & Location". It is all self-explanatory really. Write the name of the file in the "Named" box. In the "Look in" box, write the broad location (such as your computer's hard drive) where you think the file is. Use the downward pointing arrow head to select where to look. If you do not know the file name, but remember some words contained in the file, you can type that in in the box labeled "Containing text". Click on the "Find Now" button. The computer goes to work immediately. You will see a magnifying glass going round and round over documents trying to find what you are looking for. On the bottom of the box, you will see the names and locations of documents where the computer is searching for your file or folder at that moment. See screen shot below.

Windows is looking for a file named 'shoban.jpg' in my computer's hard drive C
Windows is looking for a file named "shoban.jpg"
in my computer's hard drive C.

When the desired file or folder is found, the moving magnifying glass will stop, and Windows will announce the location of your file and other relevant details in a box as shown in the screen shot below.

'shoban.jpg' file is located in folder C:\webpage3
"shoban.jpg" file is located in folder C:\webpage3.
Its size is 3KB.

If Windows fails to find the specified file, you can try other locations such as Document Folders, Desktop etc. by choosing them in the "Look in" box.

2. Still no luck? Go to the second tab of the "Find: All Files" dialog box labeled "Date". Here you can find all files that were created, modified, or last accessed between specified dates. A very handy feature.

3. The third tab of the "Find: All Files" dialog box marked "Advanced" lets you search for files by their "type" (use the downward pointed arrow head to select and specify) and size in kilobytes (KB).

Don't be afraid to use Windows "Find: Files and Folders" feature. It is a very handy tool. And it is not difficult to use it at all. Just practice a few times. You will be glad you did when it rescues you from tight situations!

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