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Once you have saved a file to a folder, can you move it to another folder? Of course you can. And like most computer things, you can do it in more than one way.

1. Double-click on My Computer to open it, locate the folder which contains the file and double-click on it, locate the file you want to move, and then click on it once to highlight it. From the Edit menu select Cut. The file will disappear from the folder. Close the folder by clicking on the X button on top right corner. Now, in My Computer, locate the folder in which you want the file moved and double-click on it to open it. From the Edit menu select Paste. Voila! The file has now been moved to a new folder from its previous location.

2. There is a fun way of moving a file. First open the folder in which the file is currently residing. Then open the folder in which you want the file to move to. Reduce the size of each folder (that is each window) and drag them apart with your mouse pointer so that you can see each window. Now with your mouse pointer left click on the file to be moved, then keeping the left mouse button pressed, drag the file to anywhere within the destination folder, and let the mouse button go (drop the file). The file has now moved to a different folder, and you have witnessed the move with your own eyes. This method of moving a file is called 'dragging and dropping' or 'drag and drop'. What else can be more fun?

An example of moving by dragging and dropping. A file is being dragged from one folder to another.
You can drag a file from one folder to another
and drop it at its new location.
(A file called "shoban.jpg" is being moved from
folder "webpage3" to folder "webpage5".)

After the big move, you can restore order in each folder by clicking on View, pointing to Arrange Icons, then clicking on by Name, or by Type, or by Size, or by Date. This way you can move a folder or a program also. But never move a program unless you are a computer "guru". The program may cease to function properly.

You can make a copy of a file in a different folder using the above described dragging method. Just use the right mouse button instead of the left mouse button. When you let go the right mouse button at the destination folder, you will get a small menu. Click on "Copy Here". A copy of the file will be placed in the new folder. Amazing!

To copy a file to another folder, you can also follow the procedure described under #1 above. Just choose Copy from the Edit menu instead of Cut.

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