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A help site for ALL beginners showing them how to use the Internet safely and efficiently. These tutorials have been written especially for a senior/elderly person in mind who are learning to use the Internet/www.
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Enjoy the magic of the Internet. Learn the basics here.

By Shoban Sen

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Welcome, all seniors or anybody who could use a little help using the Internet. These tutorials are totally FREE. Please bookmark this page now before you lose it!

This site is a companion to my COMPUTER HELP FOR PEOPLE OVER 50. I have received so many requests from the seniors to write tutorials on how to use the Internet, that I felt obligated to come up with this site. (If you are an absolute beginner and do not really know the difference between a computer and a monitor, you might find my ABC'S OF COMPUTING very helpful. ABC'S OF COMPUTING also includes a tutorial on Word Processing Basics for beginners in word processing.)

The WorldWide Web (www) and the Internet are so vast that it is not possible to cover every aspect of these in a small web site. I neither have the time nor have the capability of discussing things in details here. But I suppose too much details are neither necessary nor they will be appreciated by my fellow seniors. So I shall keep the discussions about the use of the Internet short and simple. The purpose of this web site is to teach my fellow seniors the basic use of the Internet so that they can look up a reference from the Internet, or read the news headlines, read the day's weather forecast of a place on the other side of the globe, learn how to do something, book a plane ticket, make hotel reservations, file taxes online, or whatever. Many just want to be able to surf the web for recreational purposes. There is an open world of fun to be had online - whether itís online dating, funny videos, reading horoscopes or playing online bingo. I shall try to teach only these in this web site. In-depth discussions and any technicality are beyond the scope of this web site.

One important note here. Since most people these days use Microsoft Internet Explorer as their browser, discussions on this site will be centered mainly on the use of Internet Explorer. How to use Netscape to do certain things will not be discussed in most cases, as I myself do not use Netscape. A large number of people use AOL browser and I do too. I use AOL 7.0. So in many cases, I shall give instructions on how to do certain things using America OnLine browser.

The use of the Internet should actually include the use of electronic mail or e-mail. But to keep the size of this web site small and manageable, I have excluded all discussions about e-mail from this site. I have only included a chapter on how to use e-mail properly.

As regards myself, I am neither an expert in the subject nor a teacher. I am a man, 63 years old (at the time of writing this, in December 2004), who taught himself how to use a computer and the Internet. People think I can explain things better to learners than an average person. That is my only qualification. I guess I have it in my blood, as everybody else in my family is a teacher.

Okay, let's begin. I shall touch on the following topics in the order they are listed. You can read everything from beginning to end, or you can jump on the topic of your interest by clicking on it.


Microsoft is no longer supporting Windows XP. If you are still using XP your computer is no longer protected from thousands of dangers lurking in the cyberspace. Please upgrade to Windows 8.1 ASAP. Don't be afraid. Everything you need to know about Windows 8.1 is already available at WINDOWS 8.1 - Help, How To's, and Tips.

Note: The last four topics, namely How to bookmark, How to sign a guestbook, Downloading, and Protecting your computer from virus have been covered in my other site, "COMPUTER HELP FOR PEOPLE OVER 50". Since these topics relate to Internet use, I have listed them above. If you click on any of these topics, you will be taken to my other site. AFTER STUDYING THE TOPIC, PLEASE REMEMBER TO PRESS THE "BACK" BUTTON OF YOUR BROWSER TO COME BACK TO THIS PAGE. Please also note that links to these four topics will NOT be available from any of the inside pages of this site. Thanks for understanding.

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First published on January 1, 2005.
Last modified on June 26, 2018

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Terms of Use

Please respect my ownership of the copyright to these tutorials. You are welcome to use them to learn the basics of the Internet. However, there are a few restrictions on their use.
1. DO NOT put these tutorials up on a site of your own or use them in a classroom, claiming them as your own.
2. DO NOT send these tutorials to a newsgroup or e-groups. Provide a link to the original tutorials instead.
3. Translations of these tutorials are welcomed but my previous written permission IS REQUIRED. Translations are to be clearly marked as translations of these tutorials with a link back to this site. Translators cannot claim credit for the original idea.


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