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Some Examples of Video Editing


(Introduction to the site.)

Tutorials Page 1
(Topics: Setting Preferences, Trimming videos, Adjusting audios, Audio fade-in fade-out, Downloading videos from camcorder to computer, Buttons in the Option Panel of the Edit Step.)

Tutorials Page 2
(Topics: Doing PIP, Adding Transition Effects, Adding and Animating Titles, Ripple Editing, Title Safe Area.)

Tutorials Page 3
(Topics: Adding Special Effects to your video, Adding Music/Audio to your video, Saving your project as a Video File, Uploading your video to YouTube.)

(See videos using Special Effects, Painting Creator, and Chroma Key.)

Useful Tips
(Discussion includes some Dos and Don'ts, Copyright issues involving music, Using YouTube's AudioSwap feature.)

(Chromakey written tutorial. Includes suggestions for buying the right equipment at affordable prices.)

DVD Burning
(Written tutorial on how to burn DVDs using Corel. Includes instructions on how to add chapters.)

Painting Creator
(Show originality by adding animated drawings and writings on your videos. Everything you need to know is discussed in this chapter.)

(Corel's Movie Wizard can create an impressive slideshow quickly for you. This chapter tells you how to use the Movie Wizard.)

YouTube HelpNEW
(Answers to all common and not so common questions relating to YouTube.)

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I created this page for the real beginners to illustrate how you can alter or modify videos by editing them with a video editor like Corel VideoStudio Pro X2. A lot can be learnt just by watching. You can also get ideas by simply watching these videos. The first video shows how the raw footage shot by your camcorder can be altered to produce special effects. The second videos shows how you can spruce up your videos by using the Painting Creator available in Corel VideoStudio Pro X2. The third video shows how to create magic in your videos using the Chroma Key technique. Enjoy the videos and try to use these special effects and techniques in your own video projects to make them stand out over thousands of ordinary videos you see in YouTube everyday.
Example #1

This example shows several ways of editing and adding Special Effects to video clips to make your video stand out.

Example #2

This example shows how to personalize and spruce up your video clips by using the Painting Creator available in Corel VideoStudio Pro X2.

Example #3

This example shows how magical effects can be created in your videos using the Chroma Key technique.

What is chroma key?

If you are not familiar with the term chroma key, this is basically what it means: One video clip or image is super-imposed over another video clip or image, and then the background color of the super-imposed image is made transparent (using the editing software). As a result, the super-imposed video or image kind of floats over the background video or image giving the illusion that the subject of the super-imposed image was actually present where the background image was shot. For example, you can begin with a video or image shot in Antarctica. Then take a picture of you or anybody in the studio or home in front of a green or blue screen (chroma key screen) under proper lighting conditions. Now super-impose the second picture over the first picture and using the chroma key of your editing software make your second picture's green or blue background transparent. With its see-through background, the subject of the second picture will now appear to be in Antarctica! This technique is used everyday in TV's weathercasts and often in movies! Great stunts can be created in videos using the chroma key.

But please remember that for creating perfect chroma key effects you need to have some special equipment like a good green or blue screen (called chroma key screen) and some lighting equipment. Perfect lighting conditions is the key to successful chroma key effect! Unfortunately, all these equipment costs money and for ordinary home movies not everybody can afford to spend that extra money. I have shown my equipment and disclosed how I got them for cheap here. Don't miss it. Chroma key is really a fun thing to do!

Please look for tutorials on Painting Creator and Chroma Key in this web site if you do not already know how to use them.

Before I finish this chapter, I urge you to see my Bird Watching video. I have used a variety of editing techniques to create this almost professional quality home video. You too can make this kind of video with a little patience. Please invite me to see your video when you make one and upload it to YouTube. That will be my greatest reward for creating this site!

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