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Topics covered on this page: How to do picture-in-picture (PIP), How to add transition effects, How to add animated titles, Ripple Editing and how to enable it, How Transition Effects can affect Project Duration, Title Safe Area.


(Introduction to the site.)

Tutorials Page 1
(Topics: Setting Preferences, Trimming videos, Adjusting audios, Audio fade-in fade-out, Downloading videos from camcorder to computer, Buttons in the Option Panel of the Edit Step.)

Tutorials Page 2
(Topics: Doing PIP, Adding Transition Effects, Adding and Animating Titles, Ripple Editing, Title Safe Area.)

Tutorials Page 3
(Topics: Adding Special Effects to your video, Adding Music/Audio to your video, Saving your project as a Video File, Uploading your video to YouTube.)

(See videos using Special Effects, Painting Creator, and Chroma Key.)

Useful Tips
(Discussion includes some Dos and Don'ts, Copyright issues involving music, Using YouTube's AudioSwap feature.)

(Chromakey written tutorial. Includes suggestions for buying the right equipment at affordable prices.)

DVD Burning
(Written tutorial on how to burn DVDs using Corel. Includes instructions on how to add chapters.)

Painting Creator
(Show originality by adding animated drawings and writings on your videos. Everything you need to know is discussed in this chapter.)

(Corel's Movie Wizard can create an impressive slideshow quickly for you. This chapter tells you how to use the Movie Wizard.)

YouTube HelpNEW
(Answers to all common and not so common questions relating to YouTube.)

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Video tutorials continued. Tutorial #5 and Tutorial #6 on this page discusses in details what is Ripple Editing and how to enable it. Understanding Ripple Editing can save you hours of work and protect you from a lot of frustration!

Tutorial #4

This video shows how to do picture-in-picture (PIP) and also how to add transition effects.

Tutorial #5

This tutorial is about adding animated titles to your video and about ripple editing.

Tutorial #6

This part discusses in details how to enable ripple editing - a very useful feature.

A little more explanation on Transition Effects:

Video Tutorial #4 above shows how to add transition effects. The screenshot below will clarify the process a little more as my video tutorial above did not show the Storyboard View very clearly. So please look at the screenshot below carefully if you have not understood the process:

How to add transition effects. Home movie making tutorials for beginners. Corel VideoStudio Pro X2

Storyboard View showing how to add transition effects.
Just drag and drop the desired transition effect between two clips.
The screenshot shows I am adding the 4th transition effect.

I would like to mention one more important thing about Transition Effects that I did not mention in the video tutorial above. The default duration of each transition effect is 1 second. (But you can change it by going into File -> Preferences and then clicking on the Edit tab.) This does not mean that if you have 5 clips on your storyboard each having 4 seconds duration, and then add 4 transition effects in-between those 5 clips each having 1 second duration as shown above, your total Project Duration will be 20 seconds + 4 seconds = 24 seconds. Rather it means that in this example, your total Project Duration will be 20 seconds - 4 seconds = 16 seconds. It is important to bear this in mind, if you are a careful editor. And this is more important when creating slideshows with still pictures where each picture may have duration of 3-5 seconds and you have added transition effects between each picture!

What is Title Safe Area?

The title safe area is the rectangular box within the Preview Window as shown in the following screenshot.

Title Safe Area. Home movie making tutorials for beginners. Corel VideoStudio Pro X2

The rectangular box with white borders within the
Preview Window is the Title Safe Area.

You can display or hide the title safe area by selecting File -> Preferences -> General tab -> Display title safe area on Preview Window. It is a good idea to keep your text (title) within the title safe area. If you keep the text within the bounds of the title safe area, the text will not be truncated when viewed on a TV screen.

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