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Topics covered on this page: How to add special effects to video clips, How to add music or audio to your video, How to save your project as a video file, How to upload your video to YouTube.


(Introduction to the site.)

Tutorials Page 1
(Topics: Setting Preferences, Trimming videos, Adjusting audios, Audio fade-in fade-out, Downloading videos from camcorder to computer, Buttons in the Option Panel of the Edit Step.)

Tutorials Page 2
(Topics: Doing PIP, Adding Transition Effects, Adding and Animating Titles, Ripple Editing, Title Safe Area.)

Tutorials Page 3
(Topics: Adding Special Effects to your video, Adding Music/Audio to your video, Saving your project as a Video File, Uploading your video to YouTube.)

(See videos using Special Effects, Painting Creator, and Chroma Key.)

Useful Tips
(Discussion includes some Dos and Don'ts, Copyright issues involving music, Using YouTube's AudioSwap feature.)

(Chromakey written tutorial. Includes suggestions for buying the right equipment at affordable prices.)

DVD Burning
(Written tutorial on how to burn DVDs using Corel. Includes instructions on how to add chapters.)

Painting Creator
(Show originality by adding animated drawings and writings on your videos. Everything you need to know is discussed in this chapter.)

(Corel's Movie Wizard can create an impressive slideshow quickly for you. This chapter tells you how to use the Movie Wizard.)

YouTube HelpNEW
(Answers to all common and not so common questions relating to YouTube.)

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Are you experiencing difficulties in uploading your videos to YouTube? A lot of people e-mailed me saying they are having problems in uploading to YouTube. Since I did not discuss this subject in great details in my video tutorials, I have added written instructions on this topic in this page. Please make sure to scroll down this page and read these written instructions before you e-mail me.

Tutorial #7

This part discusses how to add special effects to video clips to make your video stand out.

Tutorial #8

This part discusses how to add music or audio to your video.

Tutorial #9

This part discusses how to save your project as a video file so that it can be shared later with others in various ways and can be uploaded to YouTube.

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A little more detailed instructions on creating a video file and
uploading your video to YouTube

After you finish editing your video, first save it as a Project. In fact, it is a good idea to save your video in the early stages of editing as a Project so that if you cannot finish editing in one sitting you can always come back later, open the Project and keep editing - somewhat like working with your wordprocessor - but there is a difference. Let me explain. If you work with a text document in Microsoft Word, you can save it anytime as a Word Document (.doc). You can come back later, open the document, modify the document and save it as the same document (unless you want to use Save As command and save it as a different document).

In case of videos, the Project is saved as a Project file, NOT video file. Corel saves the Project as a .VSP file (VideoStudio Project file), Windows Movie Maker saves the Project as .MSWMM file (MicroSoft Windows Movie Maker project file). Since these are NOT video files, you CANNOT upload these files to YouTube. Your uploading will fail, you will get an error message.

If you regularly edit videos in Corel, it is a good idea to create a Folder for your .VSP files inside My Videos Folder. That way things will remain organized. When you make the final video file, keep that in My Videos Folder.

Saving your video as a Project file first has some advantages. You can add/delete scenes from it and modify it further in future and make a different home movie from it easily (if you want)! But I do it for a different reason. Aside from YouTube, I upload my videos to a couple of other sites. Those sites accept only smaller file size and their players are also smaller. So from one VSP file I make a MPEG video for YouTube and a FLV video for the other sites! In other words, if you save your home movie as a VSP file in your computer, you can easily share it with others in various ways (like sending it to iPod, burning it to DVD, etc.) later by using this 'Mother file'. Got the idea? Don't worry, VSP files are small in size. They will not occupy a lot of space in your hard drive.

Once you have finished editing your home movie (and you are happy with it), first save it as a .VSP file in your computer. Then hit Corel's Share tab and choose Create Video File there. As I have said and shown in my video tutorial above, Corel will give you a lot of options of saving your video file in different formats - MPEG, WMV, FLV, etc. Choose whatever suits your needs. YouTube accepts most of the common video file formats (but NOT VSP or MSWMM, because they are project files, not video files). MPEG files are created fast, fills YouTube's player completely, but file sizes are BIG. Whereas FLV files are way smaller in size, but they do not completely fill YouTube's player (YouTube puts black bars around the video to fill the player), and it takes much longer time for Corel to create a FLV file.

Once the video file is created, Corel will automatically play it for you in the preview window. When this is done and you are happy with the result, CLOSE Corel. Don't try to upload your video to YouTube from Corel. It often fails. My advice is after you close Corel, open your browser, go to YouTube, sign on, then hit the Upload button. The rest is self-explanatory. I always upload my videos from my computer to YouTube by using YouTube's uploader. I always succeed in one attempt! If you follow exactly what I said in details above, you will never fail. Good luck.

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