STEM and Computer Accessibility for All

When a person has a physical or learning disability, it can hinder their ability to be a productive member of society. This does not, however, always have to be the case. There are technological aids that exist to help people with disabilities enjoy more fulfilling lives. People who work in the technology industries, particularly software programming, are essential to producing the tools that disabled people will need. This is one of the many reasons why training in STEM fields is highly important.

Modern technology provides disabled people with the means to function more effectively in society by compensating for some or all of their disabilities. One of the forms that this assistive technology takes is adaptive software, which can be installed on computers or other types of hardware. This type of software helps with many types of physical disabilities, such as closed captioning for those with hearing impairments and screen readers for the visually impaired. There are also software aids for people with a wide range of learning disabilities, such as dyslexia.

Jobs in the world of modern technology can be classified under the umbrella term of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, or STEM. The industries that fall under this category affect every aspect of modern life, from agriculture to manufacturing and entertainment. STEM jobs improve the quality of life in all areas, from better medicine to higher-quality consumer products. Due to the importance of STEM industries, it is necessary that everyone gets an equal chance at finding employment in these fields. This is why there are a variety of government and private-sector campaigns under way to recruit talent from all walks of life, including women, whose representation in STEM industries is much lower than that of men.

Training in the software and technology industries can be a necessity for employment and can come from a variety of sources. Traditionally, people go to vocational schools and colleges to acquire degrees as proof of their formal training, but it is also possible to educate oneself to become a good software engineer. Additionally, entrepreneurs with the right experience may even start their own software businesses. Ultimately, success is determined by how good the person is at producing software that is either useful, popular, or both.

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