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By Shoban Sen

Shoban Sen is a worldwide stamp collector. Stamp collecting is his passion.


A different approach to stamp collecting.
A complete guide for beginners.
Spend less and have fun while you learn.

To see a very interesting stamp slideshow click here. (The video is on my YouTube channel.)
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I'm Shoban -- stamp collecting is my passion. I collect worldwide stamps.

Hi, my name is Shoban Sen.

Welcome to My World of

Collection of worldwide stamps


This site is not meant for professional stamp collectors who collect stamps for profit.
It is for beginners and intermediate stamp collectors.
It is a non-commercial site.
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(contributors to my stamp collection)

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Click here to see my entire collection of Fantasyland Stamps. It is awesome.
Click here to see pictures of Two Famous London Stamp Institutions.Latest Addition.
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Currently, Bestnetguru is posting a series of photographs showing the different philatelic exhibits
of the Smithsonian National Postal Museum in Washington DC. The exhibits should be
of interest to any stamp collector -- starter or veteran. Please take a look!

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stamp collecting, stamp collecting basics, stamp collection, stamps collection, shoban sen
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As I collect stamps for enjoyment and not for profit, please do not e-mail me with questions concerning value of stamps. To find value of a single stamp please consult a stamp catalog available in most public libraries. To find value of a collection or a bag of stamps, please contact a reputable stamp dealer of your area.

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