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November 1, 2001

This site did not have a guestbook until October 28, 2001. During the past 14 months I have received many e-mails from my readers concerning this site. I would like to share some of these comments with everybody in this section.

Below are some of the comments I have received by e-mail from my readers. I have reproduced all of these in their entirety, completely unedited. Only one had to be edited for the sake of brevity. Where I have edited a comment, I have indicated that I have done so.

Subj: Stamps
Date: 9/5/00 8:51:37 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Joe Butler)

Your have a very interesting web site, congratulations on a good job. I am impressed at the number of different and unique stamps you have shown. Keep up the good work.

Subj: Job well done!
Date: 9/11/00 12:34:31 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Gita Rana)


You did an excellent job on your web site! It seems as if one would need lots of patients and organizational skills to bring out such wonderful web page. Thanks for including my name.
Keep up the good work!


Subj: Re: My website.
Date: 9/12/00 9:10:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Dale Alan Diefenbach)
Reply-to: (Dale Alan Diefenbach)

I think you did an excellent job. Very interesting. I used to collect stamps and coins years ago but was never a serious collector. I much regret selling my collection of first day covers from Israel for the first two years of its existence. Would be worth a mint now! ...
Rest edited out for brevity -- S.S.

Subj: I visited your website
Date: 9/15/00 3:02:51 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Kushagra Shah)

Hi Shoban,

I am Kushagra Shah. I am 24 and I now live in Anaheim, CA. I also like collecting stamps.. and like you I too am a "NON-Professional" Hobbyist.

Though you have 50 years experience in this field I have only an experience of about 50 weeks... though I have always collected stamps and dumping them in some plastic bag.. I was inspired to systematise it and arrange in an album.

I went through almost your entire website. I like your straightforward approach towards the subject. I have infact printed and highlighted certain tips that you have mentioned and am going to file them and use them as a reference in my collection.

I am basically a web designer and software engineer. I totally agree with your idea of cutting the gimmicks of GIF animations and dancing letters and music from the page. It distracts the attention from the main subject....

As I said I went through almost 95% of your site... I found a few typo/gramatic mistakes.. which I feel are not noticeable but one big error I found was on page 2 of your collection... stamp number 7 from the top. The Stamp of Gold Coast. You mention that the date stamped on it is 08 Jan 48. I think if you look carefully, and it seems to be pretty evident in the scanned image too that the date is actually 28 Jan 48, you can notice the corner of the 2 exactly on the circle surrounding the face.

I thought you should be informed about it...:)

N E Ways thanx for the info on the stamps. and good luck.

Luv Kush.

Subj: Your site
Date: 10/25/00 1:14:29 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Charles A. Ash)

Hi, Shoban,

Your Internet site is great. It is very attractively designed and I enjoyed exploring it. Happy stamping!


Subj: Your Web Site - stamp collecting
Date: 10/31/00 6:04:36 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (A V Kirk)

Hi there

I have just started stamp collecting and have discovered your website. I think it is great. I am going to take a lot of your advice, as I do not know very much about this interesting hobby at the moment.

I think you are very clever to have written the website in HTML language - it looks great. I hope others contact you to let you know their views.

I live in the UK - you will probably get visitors from all over the world.

Regards - April Kirk

Subj: bravo!
Date: 2/16/01 7:20:06 PM Eastern Standard Time
To: Shobansen

Your site was excellant! I'm 35 and a new collecter. I collected as a kid, a few stamps in a basic album. I started again last year and as you can understand went nuts now I have a ton of stamps and have to decide how to organize them. I too, like stamps from the world. I hate to say it but I get bored,for lack of a better word, with us. stamps. I can't afford the exciting first and rare issues. I like that you press the fun issue because we are not all lucky enough to afford the rarities. I got an albumn for my us. but even though they are used I hate to hinge them. To me all my used junk is priceless! I was looking for software to organize my collection,thats how I found your site. Do you know of any good software programs? Hope to hear from you soon and will pass the word about your site


Subj: SV: New Link Submission...added
Date: 3/1/01 2:39:48 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Hans Mortensen)
Reply-to: (
To: ('Shoban Sen')


We have now placed a link to your site a site deserves much more attention. I like it very much in any aspect content, dessign and so on.

A very fine contribution to stamp collecting on the web in my view.

We exspect you to place a reciprocal link to our site were it fits.

Best regards,
Hans Mortensen

Subj: Congratulations!
Date: 3/10/01 12:26:23 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (sam3310)

Hi Shoban.

I am a grateful reader of your pages, and I found all the information needed for start this nice hobby.

I am a 67 years old man, and I´m starting to make my collection of used stamps, with my wife help (surprise).

I worked in a goverment office for almost all my life, but until around 1984 I asked the correspondence clerk to reserve to me the envelopes that offices around the world used to send with documents to my department; that idea came to me thinking that someday I could work on them to form a collection. This request was observed until 1987, when a nephew of my boss knew my petition and claim the same treatment for him.

Nevertheless I stored around 3,000 stamps, waiting some day to work the collection. Well, that day arrives, and your pages were a valuable guide thru the initial process of cutting envelopes, washing and drying. Now I´ll beguin to pick the best stamps and select them by countries; unfortunately I have a lot of repetitions.

I live in México, and until now I can´t find a place to buy any stamp stuff; so, I´m improvising to keep the stamps in a kind of album made with double sheets of transparent plastic made to store documents, and I inserted a color sheet of thick paper where the stamps will be glued (?). At this moment I am seeking for a light glue that could be removed later without destroying the stamps, any idea?.

Well Shoban, you would be tired to listen this beguinner problems; another day I´ll send you my observations and progress.

Until then, the best wishes to you and your appreciable wife.

Samuel García.

Subj: Thankyou!!
Date: 3/10/01 4:49:50 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Jon and Karen Branch)

i just w\nted to say thankyou to you for your site. i had been searching for hours on the net looking for a site that just talks about stamp collecting and info on stamp collecting. i found all these places selling stuff but that was not what i wanted. i do stamp collecting as a hobby. and i really enjoy it even though i am only 13
thankyou again!

Subj: Thank you!
Date: 3/10/01 11:41:28 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: Cargeo12861
To: Shobansen

I just went through your web site, and it was wonderful. Thank you for the chance to scan through your stamps and the wonderful tips on how to get started, and the do and don't. You have a wonderful collection. Thank you again. Take care.

Subj: Date: 4/19/01 4:37:23 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Ramana Vadarevu)

Hi Mr. Sen:


I have gone through your web site. It was wonderful. Collecting stamps as a hobby for so many years is really nice. Now everything you see refarding stamps on the web is commercialized. Their intention is to make money. It may not be a bad idea from their point of view. Still it kills a beautiful hobby. And makes it an expensive hobby. I live in Atlanta, Georgia. I used to collect stamps when I was a high school. I didn't continue it after that. After several years I again started it and stopped again. Mostly because of education and efforts we need to put on that in India. I have a Mtech in structural engineering and a MS in transportation engg. I always liked my stamps album. That is the reason, I still carry my old album with me. After reading info on your web site, I wanted to continue my hobby again.

Your site looks good. If you need in any help in developing that, I can help you. I did several computer courses related to web design and development (my services are free).

Thanks for the inspiration.

With regards

Subj: web site
Date: 6/10/01 11:07:20 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Sewr47
To: Shobansen

Dear Mr. Sen: I would like to compliment you on your excellent web site on stamp collecting. Though I have not been a "youngster" for many years, I am a "youngster" to collecting stamps. My first thought was "where do I start?" After searching the internet for sites on stamp collecting, and most of them being for profit, I was about ready to give up when I happened upon your site. I like the way it is set up -easy to understand, covers the basics, and its very informative. I am sure it is a help to collectors of all ages - it was to me. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Pat Zilke
Milwaukee, WI

Subj: Your stamp collecting site
Date: 7/27/01 10:22:55 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Walter J. Niedzielak)

Hi Shoban

Just discovered your great site. While the entire presentation is excellent, I particularly like your section on soaking stamps which is the best I have ever read. Your suggestion to not rpt not use tongs when handling wet stamps is absolutely right on. Don't know how many stamps I have ruined before finding this out on my own.

Best regards,
Walter Niedzielak
Cedar Park, Texas

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December 1, 2001

Even after the introduction of the guestbook, I am still receiving comments from readers by e-mail. Some of these comments are so encouraging and/or interesting that it is difficult not to share them with everybody else. So read on. Looks like this section will keep growing!

Subj: I am impressed
Date: 11/19/01 11:16:59 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Visweswara Rao P N)

Hi Sen,

It was nice to see your website 'Welcome to my World of Stamps'. It is fantastic. Your Basics and Beyond Basics of Stamp Collecting were really interesting and thought provoking.... atleast to me.

I used to collect stamps when I was a kid. Later on I could not devote time later on. I did preserve my collection. Recently, I revisited my collection and wanted to re-organise it. For the past one year I have been searching on the net for tips on orgainsing the collection. I was never satisfied. Recently I did manage to organise a bit but not to my satisfaction. Now I am much clearer on what I want to do.. after seeing your tips. Though much of what you said was the same as others did, your approach was quite different.

I am really thankful to you.


Visweswara Rao

Subj: Stamps What Else
Date: 11/20/01 10:53:41 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (John Genis)

Hi and Thank You for such a nice site you have spent a lot of time and done a great job with your web site.

I wondered how you photograghed or copyed your stamps, I would like to start a site like yours also. Take Care John

Date: 11/21/01 2:41:26 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Jemma Smith)


I ended up on your page after doing a search on Aland stamps. I am from Aland, but I'm now living in London. I thought it was really nive to find a stamp from Aland on the site. However, I'd like to point out that it's not possible to use Finnish stamps in Aland at all. It's only Aland stamps you can use. If you want Finnish ones, you have to buy them specially from a philatheist (?).

We are very proud of our stamps, and as you might know, we've had them since 1984. Some of them are very valuable now, and the ones that you can't get anymore are of course the most valuable ones. Mum got heaps of them at home!

Thanks again,

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