Two Places of Philatelic Interest in London

(This page was added on December 4, 2005)

My most recent visit to London gave me a chance to visit two of London's famous places of philatelic interest, namely the Stanley Gibbons showroom on 399 Strand and the Philatelic Collections of the British Library. I have taken several pictures of these places. For the benefit of those stamp collectors who never had a chance to visit these places, I am including a couple of pictures of each of these places. I urge all stamp collectors to visit these places, if they ever go to London. These places are really worth visiting. I do not know if it is possible for the general public to view the Royal Collection, but in my next trip to London, I plan to pay a visit to the Royal Philatelic Society. Please e-mail me your comments and suggestions on the places of pilgrimage (for a philatelist) in London.

Stanley Gibbons showroom at 399 Strand.
Note the facsimile of the Penny Black
hanging from the store front.

World's largest stamp shop in London.
They also publish stamp catalog used in UK
and throughout the British Commonwealth.

I was lucky to be able to see a philatelic
exhibition in the British Library.
An enlarged facsimile of this Bermuda stamp
was at the entrance.

Some of the philatelic collections of the British Library
can be seen by any visitor. To see the collections
in the philatelic gallery, one needs a reader's card.

To learn more about Stanley Gibbons, click here.
To learn more about the British Library's philatelic collections, click here.

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