Stamp collecting fun - I have put my grandson's picture on this stamp.

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(This page was added in April, 2008)

Here is a friendly challenge. I bet no stamp collector in the world has the large USA postage stamp that is floating around on this page. This is because I designed this stamp and am holding the entire stock that was ever printed! But this is genuine USA postage - as you can see this was actually postally used to mail a letter (to myself).

This is what I call enjoying stamp collecting. Have fun with your stamps. Be creative. Do something original. And I want everybody to have fun with stamps. That is why I have displayed my unique stamp in a special way too -- it is floating around!

By the way, the kid on the stamp is my younger grandson, Chiku. I designed and had a batch of stamps printed on the occasion of this first birthday as a special birthday gift for his parents. That was 2 years ago when the USA postage rate for a first class letter was 39 cents. My grandson has turned 3 this year. The current first class letter rate in America, as you know, is 41 cents.

If you live in USA or Canada and most likely in many other countries, you can make your own stamps using your pictures and actually use them as postage. I encourage everybody to do it. It is a lot of fun, and it is not expensive at all. I used to print my stamps. But there are other companies that will do the same for you. Just look around and see which company suits you best. Use your own picture, or picture of your near and dear ones; hand drawn pictures, or pictures of special occasions, anything at all. Use your imagination and make your own stamps. It is real fun!

Note: To stop the moving stamp, click on the stamp with your mouse once. To make it move again, click once again. Enjoy!

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