Here is what Michael Mills has written about this site in The Glassine Surfer of March, 2001:

(Michael Mills is a renowned philatelist, and is's former Stamp Collecting guide. He is a member of the American Philatelic Society, as well as a columnist for the Society's "American Philatelist" magazine. He covers stamp collecting on the Web in his column "The Glassine Surfer.")

Easy Does It

I've run into a new stamp site that's specifically just for beginners. It's a small site run by Shoban Sen, and if you need to direct a youngster to an easy-to-understand Website for beginning stamp information, you might use this URL.

There are two pages of basic material along with a few others about Sen's collection, which would seem to be ideally suited to stimulate interest among curious kids and newcomers.

Stamp Collecting

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