Image of an India stamp
Image of an India stamp


Here is a list of people who have contributed to my stamp collection. Without their generous support, my collection could not have grown this big today. Some of them gave me stamps in the past, upto fifty years ago. Some of them still give me stamps, whenever they get some. I tried hard to remember the names of everybody. But I suspect, inspite of my best efforts, I may have inadvertently omitted the names of some people. If you are one of them, please e-mail me. ( I apologize in advance for the omission). I shall add your name in the list in the next revision of this page. Some people named in this list are now deceased. I most respectfully remember them today, and acknowledge their contributions here. I regret, I could not do so earlier, during their life time.

I would like to take the opportunity to make a special mention of my wife, Aparna Sen, in this section. She not only contributed in a very significant way to help build my collection, she also puts up with me day in and day out, as my collection of stamps occupies almost every conceivable place in our living quarters. She sometimes mildly protests about it, but so far she has not thrown out my collection! She does not even try to organize them or put them in an orderly fashion because she knows if she does that, I shall not be able to find particular batches of stamps easily whenever I need them. You are so understanding Aparna! I love you.

  • Ali Asani
  • Anne Dobriko
  • Ann-Marie Costa
  • Anup Joshi
  • Aparna Sen
  • Athan Anagnostopoulos
  • Brenda Briggs
  • Brian Chang
  • Cecil Cummings
  • Charles Fineman
  • Charlie Davidson
  • Chip Robinson
  • Dan Hazen
  • David Giovacchini
  • Debbie Strycharski
  • Diane Lub
  • Donna Barrasso
  • Donna Halper
  • Eddie Doctoroff
  • Efraim Ribnik
  • Elizabeth McKeigue
  • Elizabeth Miller
  • Ellen Robinowitz
  • Eric Beverley
  • Eta Ghosh
  • Evangelie A. Flessas
  • Fanya Gimmelfarb
  • Fareed Akhtar
  • Filice Ranieri
  • Frank Ventura
  • Gita Rana
  • Guy Cesario, Jr.
  • Haley Armstrong
  • Houchang Chehabi
  • Hugh M. Goldberg
  • Jean Hannon
  • Joan Polden
  • Joanna Epstein
  • John Carswell
  • Kajari Ghosh
  • Kocha De Sarkar
  • Larry Mahoney
  • Lasha Johnson
  • Leela Roy
  • Linda Lord
  • Lisa Sears
  • Lori Ellen Rocha (Special thanks!)
  • Louise Cort
  • Luba Dyky
  • Makululu (Last Name?)
  • Maria Antonakopoulos
  • Martha Crane
  • Mary Butler
  • Marysia Henchey (Australia)
  • Michael Currier
  • Michael Hopper
  • Milada Ganguli
  • Muhammad R. Shams
  • Naomi Ronen
  • Nicole O'Connor
  • Patricia Broderick
  • Peter Ciraolo
  • Prabodh C. Sen
  • Rabiul Chowdhury
  • Rafaelo Bernerdini
  • Rajaram (Last Name?)
  • Ram Prasad Sen
  • Raquel Ortiz
  • Raquibul Chowdhury
  • Ray Rosenberger
  • Rezbul Chowdhury
  • Rhea Karabelas
  • Richard Lesage
  • Sadhan Kumar Banerji
  • Sharmila Sen
  • Somnath Roy
  • Sumona Bhattacharyya
  • Sunil Sharma
  • Supratik Bose
  • Susan Ashland
  • Tan Yun-Shan
  • Theresa Nakatian
  • Trian Nguyen
  • Your name could be here
Those whose names are in gold are major contributors.
The person's name (clickable) marked with a and country name is the biggest contributor till date.

Thank you all.

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