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I do not claim to have created any of the graphics, background images, or animated GIF's used in this web site. Neither do I claim to have copyrights to any of these graphics, background images, or animated GIF's. I took them from various sources on the internet, and to the best of my knowledge they are Royalty Free Copyrighted products for non-commercial use. In other words, the creators of these products have given permission to use them freely in personal web sites that are not intended to generate revenue.

If you think I have used your copyrighted product without your permission, please e-mail me. I shall give you credit or remove it from my site as soon as possible.

In the links section, I have provided links to the sites from where I have obtained animated GIF's, background images, and graphics. Where requested, I have provided links to the creators' home pages and sent e-mails to them, notifying them that I have used products created by them. If I have inadvertantly made a mistake in not notifying you or not providing a link to your site, please e-mail me. I shall take the corrective steps as soon as possible, or remove your creation from my site.


I have taken the idea of the magic lamp and the jinn from the famous "Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp" story. I hope it is not a copyright infringement.

Most of the background textures used in this site came from Absolute Background Textures Archive. Many of the animated GIF's were taken from the collection of Mike Shaikun and "All EZ FreeStuff Sampler & Mystical Stepping Stones! 1000s of Freebies!" Most of the fish and aquatic animals animations were obtained from "Buck's Animated Fish" site. My main source of animated GIF's of butterflies was "Bugs Animations." Thank you all.

Last but not the least, creation of this site was possible mainly due to the constant encouragement provided by my colleagues, Mike and Ellen. They also helped me with text editing and proofreading. My heartfelt thanks to them.


In one way or the other, I found the following sites useful in creating this site:

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