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The dolphin asked Andrew to put his arms around its neck and to hold on tight as it took off. Prince Andrew found it a little awkward to sit on the dolphin's back while holding the dolphin around its neck. So, instead of sitting on the dolphin's back, Andrew lay on his stomach, and grasped the dolphin with both his arms and legs.

Bubbles A neon fish resting Bubbles Bubbles

Fish swimming back and forth

Fish jumping like crazy

The dolphin sped through the water. Andrew saw scores of fish, sea plants, and coral reefs passing by him. He soon fell asleep on the dolphin's back.

An elegant looking fish

A colorful fish Bubbles Andrew was sleeping on the dolphin's back, dreaming about Princess Claudia. In his dream, Andrew envisioned her as a real woman. She had beautiful golden hair, blue eyes, and she was wearing a beautiful purple and navy silk dress embroidered with gold thread. On her feet she had a pair of purple and navy velvet slippers that were decorated with precious stones. In her left hand, she was carrying a purple and navy fan made of silk and bamboo.

As Andrew was going down on one knee to propose to Princess Claudia, he suddenly awakened as sunlight struck his eyes. The dolphin had now risen above the surface of the sea. It was already mid-morning. Andrew saw the coast at a distance. Sun

The dolphin slowly swam up to the shore. Andrew slid off his back and thanked him for the ride. The dolphin said: "You are welcome, Prince. But please be very careful now. The jungle you see in front of you is very dangerous. People who enter that jungle never come back. Strange creatures roam that jungle and strange things happen there. It is believed that, aside from wild animals of the past and present, evil spirits, magical creatures, and wizards live in that jungle." Prince Andrew said: "Don't worry. I shall be careful." The dolphin then turned around, jumped up in the air once, and disappeared in the deep water of the sea.

Dolphin leaping in the air

Andrew found himself standing alone on the shore. He could see the edge of the dark green jungle at a short distance from the shore, but aside from that there was nothing around him. There was no sound, except the sound of the sea waves splashing on the sand and breaking into white foam. There was no sign of life, except for a number of crabs that appeared every now and then from under the moist sand. They crawled sideways for some distance, and then disappeared under the sand again.

Crab Crab Crab
A little nervous, Andrew started to walk towards the jungle when he saw another sign of life:

Sea gulls flying against the backdrop of the morning sun

A group of sea gulls were flying against the backdrop of the morning sun. Andrew stopped for a moment to enjoy the beauty of the scene.

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