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When Prince Andrew entered the jungle, it was almost noon. The sun was bright and high up in the sky. As Andrew advanced into the jungle, it became more and more dense with foliage. Soon it became so dense that Andrew found it difficult to walk through the bushes. The trees of the jungle were very tall, probably 100 to 150 feet tall. The canopy of the jungle was so thick that sunlight could not penetrate. It was like night in the middle of the day.

An eerie feeling slowly began to engulf Andrew. He could not see well in the darkness. But he could hear a variety of sounds - birds chirping, crickets making noises, monkeys howling, frogs croaking. He even heard the trumpeting of elephants at a distance. Above his head, on the tree tops, monkeys were jumping from branch to branch.

Monkey hanging from the branch of a tree

Monkey playing on the branch of a tree

Frog croaking and jumping

Frog croaking and jumping

Cricket tapping its feet while making music

Cricket making music

After walking about three or four miles, Prince Andrew saw a slight clearing in the jungle. It was an area of grass with only a few large trees. Daylight could penetrate in this area. Andrew sat down under a tree to rest a little. Suddenly he saw a deer running as if it were being chased by something.

Deer running for life

Andrew looked around. And this is what he saw:

Tiger pouncing on the deer

The tiger killed the deer and dragged it with its teeth into the deep forest.

Andrew had dozed off when suddenly he was awakened by a loud noise. Andrew realized that it was an elephant trumpeting and the animal was coming towards him. He quickly climbed the tree under which he had been sitting. Within seconds a wild bull elephant passed by. It was raising its trunk from time to time and was trumpeting furiously. It looked very angry.

This cute elephant is not the elephant Andrew saw

When the elephant's trumpeting faded away in the distance, Andrew came down from the tree and started to walk. Soon he crossed the clearing in the jungle and entered the deep forest again. It was dark in the dense jungle and because of the thick brush, it was imposssible to walk in a straight line. Andrew tried his best to keep walking in a westerly direction, away from the sea shore. Suddenly, Andrew heard the sound of flapping wings above his head. As he looked up, he saw a huge bird with a long neck and sharp claws flying over his head.

We are lucky. Pterodactyls do not fly around anymore.


Andrew could not believe his eyes. "Pterodactyl," he said loudly, "where did it come from? Pterodactyl vanished from the face of this earth millions of years ago!" A chill went down Andrew's spine. He started to sweat profusely. "This jungle is, indeed, very strange and very dangerous," he said to himself. A hyena let out a loud cry nearby, as if it was laughing at Andrew's predicament.

Andrew heard the roar of a lion. He looked around and saw a lion sitting at a short distance, licking its lips and wagging its tail. The lion looked happy. Andrew could tell it had just finished a hearty meal.

Lion after a hearty meal

Andrew came to a place from where he could see a small area of the sky. He saw stars in the sky. Andrew realized that night had fallen. He thought it was unsafe to sleep on the ground. So he climbed a tree and decided to spend the night in the safety of the tree top. As he was settling down on a branch of the tree, he disturbed a group of bats which were resting there. The bats suddenly took off, making loud noise with their wings and startling Andrew.

Bat Bat Bat

Friendly clown Andrew soon fell asleep. He was dreaming about Princess Claudia. She was asking Andrew again and again to turn her back into a woman so that she could marry him. In Andrew's dream a clown appeared. He was a very friendly clown. Andrew asked him how to find the castle, now occupied by the witch, where Claudia and her parents used to live. The clown said: "A magician lives in the forest. Only he can help you. But finding him is very difficult because he assumes different forms at different times. Also, he leaves this forest the day after full moon every month and returns the day after new moon. The next full moon is only ten days away. If you cannot find him by then, you will have to wait another fifteen days before the magician returns to the forest. By then some wild animal will surely eat you up."

A loud hissing sound and flashes of light awakened Andrew. He saw that a large dragon was sitting under the tree and breathing fire.

Dragon breathing fire

Dragon breathing fire

Andrew was so scared, he could not sleep for the rest of the night. He sat in the tree and kept looking at the sky, waiting for the sun to rise.

Eventually, when the stars were no longer visible and the sky was turning copper red, the dragon departed. Andrew noticed that a well dressed rooster was on its way to announce to the forest that it was dawn.

Well dressed rooster

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