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Andrew climbed down from the tree and continued walking again. Just one day's experience in the forest was mind boggling for him. Aside from dangerous animals such as lions, tigers, and wild elephants, he had already come across a pterodactyl and a dragon in this forest. Who knows what else there was in this forest? Who knows what lay ahead of him?

As Andrew was thinking of these things, a kangaroo hopped across his path, taking long leaps.

Caution: kangaroo crossing

Even before Andrew could find out if the kangaroo was carrying any baby in her pouch, a thunderous noise pierced his ears. The noise came from behind him. The noise sounded like the roar of an animal, but what kind of animal? He had never heard a roar like this before. Andrew turned around to see what animal was behind him. This is what he saw:

The hungry T-rex chasing Andrew


Andrew's jaws dropped in awe. A cold chill ran down his spine. "T-rex," he murmured, "even T-rex roams in this jungle!" The T-rex looked hungry. It was actually chasing Andrew. The T-rex was roaring from time to time, opening its mouth widely and showing its teeth. The sight of the T-rex's huge, sharp teeth made Andrew scared to death. Andrew ran for his life and soon climbed a tall tree where the T-rex could not reach him. Disappointed, the T-rex left him to look for other pray.

Black spider Black spider Black spider

The tree was full of black poisonous spiders. Andrew could not stay there for long. He had to come down, though his heart was still beating fast from the fear of the T-rex. Luckily, the T-rex had gone away by then.

Two more days went by this way. Andrew came across many ferrocious animals of the past and present, many poisonous snakes and insects, even some cute small animals like rabbits and mice and ferrets.

A rabbit running
Mice dancing
Ever cautious ferrets keeping vigil against oncoming danger

On the fourth day, a tired Andrew realized that he had lost his way in the jungle. As he was walking through the thick foliage, he saw a clearing in the jungle. He heaved a sigh of relief and decided to go into the open space to rest a little. When he came into the clear grassy area with only a few tall trees, and from where a wide area of the open sky is visible, he realized that this was the same opening in the jungle he had passed through on his first day in the jungle. This was where he faced that angry bull elephant. Both disappointment and fear gripped Andrew as he realized that he has lost his way in the jungle. In four days he had not made much progress in his mission to traverse the jungle and find the castle where Princess Claudia used to live with her parents.

Andrew was sitting under a tree, trying to think of which way he should go, when suddenly he saw a unicorn grazing at a distance.

King Arthur now turned into a unicorn


Andrew could not believe his eyes. This must be King Arthur, he thought. Andrew shouted: "King Arthur! King Arthur!" The unicorn turned its head towards Andrew and then fled into the jungle. A flying pig appeared in the sky from nowhere, looked around a bit, and then flew away in the same direction as the unicorn.

This is what the evil witch did to Queen Helen

Flying pig

Andrew knew that the flying pig was Queen Helen and that she was trying to keep up with her husband.

Sitting under the tree, Andrew began to think of all that had happened in the last seven or eight days. He remembered Claudia - now turned into a purple fish. He remembered the friendly dolphin who had warned him about the dangers that lerked in this forest. He remembered the clown who appeared in his dream and told him that only the magician who lives in this forest for half of every month could help him find the castle in which King Arthur, Queen Helen, and Princess Claudia used to live. But how to find the magician? In which direction should he proceed now? Which direction was west?

A sound resembling the beating of drums interrupted his thoughts. Andrew looked around to see what it was. He saw that a gorilla, walking on its two feet, was coming towards him and beating his chest with two fists.

Gorilla beating its chest

Not knowing what to do, Andrew got up in order to move out of the gorilla's way. Just at that moment, a fawn came out of the thick jungle, running for its life, and right behind it a cheetah appeared, chasing the fawn at lightning speed.

Cheetah chasing the fawn at lightning speed

As the fawn and the cheetah ran past them at a close distance, the gorilla became frightened and quickly retreated into the jungle. Andrew felt sorry for the fawn.

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