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Night fell again. Andrew did not move from that clearing in the jungle. He was too scared to do so. He knew he was totally lost in the jungle. He had completely lost his sense of direction. He decided to spend the night there and wait for the sunrise. In that way he would at least know which direction was east. Then he could begin moving in the opposite direction in a fresh effort to traverse the jungle and reach the castle where Princess Claudia used to live with her parents.

The middle aged astronomer looking at the moon through his telescope In the middle of the night, Andrew was awakened by a flash of lightning. It was about seven days before the full moon. There was a half moon in the middle of the sky, right above his head. Although there were a few clouds in the sky, by the light of the moon Andrew could see quite clearly around him. When he turned his head to his left, he got the shock of his life. What he saw was what he least expected and very strange. He saw a middle aged man standing in the center of the clearing in the forest, looking at the moon through a telescope! "Where did he come from?", Andrew gasped.

Rabbit wearing a hat teasing Andrew Andrew jumped up and ran towards the man shouting: "Hey Mister... Sir, Sir..." As he came close to the man, he suddenly vanished. In his place a little rabbit appeared wearing a hat on his head. When Andrew came near the rabbit, the rabbit smiled and winked at him, and then it ran into the forest.

Andrew was totally bewildered. How is it possible? From where did this man come in this dangerous forest? Where does he live? How did he vanish? From where did the rabbit appear? Why was the rabbit wearing a hat? How could the rabbit smile and wink like a man? Suddenly, Andrew remembered the clown he saw in his dream. The clown did mention that the magician who lives in this forest for half of every month assumes different forms at different times. This must have been the magician. First he appeared as an astronomer, and then he turned himself into a rabbit. There was no doubt left in Andrew's mind that he saw the magician. This raised great hope in him. What the clown had told him was all true. There, indeed, was a magician in this forest! And Andrew was positive that this magician would be able to help him to fulfill his mission. But how to find this magician again?

The moonlight was fading. Andrew looked up at the sky. It was dark with thunderclouds. Andrew realized it was going to rain. Soon there was a bright flash of lightning, followed by an ear-piercing thunderbolt. And then another lightningbolt flashed, and another thunderbolt rumbled. And then another, and another...

Thundercloud producing lightning, thunder, and rain with a vengeance
Thundercloud producing lightning, thunder, and rain with a vengeance

Soon it began to pour. Andrew took shelter under a huge tree. But the rain was so heavy that he could not stay dry for long. Soon he was soaked to his bones. The rain continued and continued.

It rained for three days at a stretch. The little open ground turned into a swamp. Frogs started jumping around all over the place, croaking merrilly and catching insects with their long tongues.

A frog catching an insect with its long tongue

Even a couple of hippos arrived at the scene...

These hippos are real lazy. Reload/refresh your browser to make them move
These hippos are real lazy. Reload/refresh your browser to make them move

...and some alligators.

See you later, alligator See you later, alligator See you later, alligator See you later, alligator

At last the rain stopped on the fourth day. The sky cleared. Andrew lost count of the days remaining before the full moon. To his best estimate, there were only three or four days remaining before full moon. He had to find the magician before then, or else he was sure to perish in this forest.

Andrew knelt down on the ground, folded his hands and closed his eyes and began praying to God. He begged God to help him find the magician. When he had finished praying, Andrew opened his eyes and saw something that amused him. There was a little green frog, about ten feet in front of him, dancing very elegantly on its two hind legs. The frog was wearing a black top hat and had a black cane in its right hand. It looked almost like a man, only small in size.

Frog dancing like a man

Andrew watched the frog for a few moments and then it occurred to him: "It is the magician!", he said to himself. Andrew stood up and began moving towards the frog. As he came near the frog, the frog smiled and winked at him and in two or three long leaps disappeared into the forest. Andrew ran behind it.

Once inside the deep forest, Andrew lost track of the frog. A dejected Andrew was looking frantically everywhere, trying to find the little green frog, when he spotted a rabbit wearing a top hat. The rabbit was smiling and winking at him.

The magician turned himself into a rabbit again

Andrew knew he had found the magician, but that he was eluding him. Everytime Andrew tried to go near him, he changed his form and ran away. This time he would not let the rabbit go. He would catch him by hook or crook.

So he tried moving closer towards the rabbit shouting: "Hey Mister...Sir, Sir, I know who you are!" The rabbit ran a short distance farther into the jungle, and then he stopped and smiled and winked at him. Andrew kept chasing the rabbit shouting: "Please listen...I am a prince...I can make you very rich." As Andrew came close to the rabbit, it ran away from him about 25 feet, then stopped and smiled and winked at him. Andrew kept chasing it shouting: "Please stop and listen to me. I wont hurt you." The rabbit again fled away from him and Andrew kept pursuing him.

In this way the rabbit took Andrew deep into the forest. The jungle became so dense that daylight could hardly penetrate. Andrew could barely the see the rabbit in the darkness of the jungle. He kept shouting: "Sir, please help me. I shall give you whatever you want. Let me talk to you."

Suddenly, on one side of the forest, the trees started shaking violently and some of them were actually falling. It felt as if a powerful hurricane was whipping through the forest. Forgetting the rabbit, Andrew began running in the opposite direction in order to protect himself from whatever was coming through the forest. Within a minute, Andrew found out what was causing this tremendous turmoil in the forest.

These dinosaurs are very very big These dinosaurs are very very big These dinosaurs are very very big These dinosaurs are very very big

A group of dinosaurs, each about 30 feet tall and weighing several thousand pounds, were roaming in the jungle. Luckily, the dinosaurs did not see Andrew. Otherwise, any one of them could have swallowed him whole. The dinosaurs took a turn and moved away in another direction. Andrew heaved a sigh of relief.

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