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Andrew looked at the lamp and kept wondering how could this be so very useful? He looked inside the lamp, but did not find anything special. It was an ordinary oil lamp. He turned it upside down. Nothing special on the bottom either, except for a small dent. He looked very closely all around the lamp, but saw nothing special except for a small turnish mark in one spot. He rubbed the greenish mark with his hand trying to take it off. And, wow, this is what happened:

The jinn who can do anything

Reload/refresh your browser to see smoke coming out of the magic lamp

A jinn came out of the lamp, saluted Andrew, and said: "What can I do for for you, Master?" A bewildered Andrew asked: "Who are you?" The jinn replied: "I am your servant. Everytime you rub the magic lamp with your hand, I shall appear and fulfill one of your wishes. But I can serve you three times only. After your three wishes are fulfilled, I shall appear no more, even if you rub the lamp with your hand."

Andrew said: "Very good. Now I want you to turn King Arthur, Queen Helen, and Princess Claudia back to who they were and where they were." The jinn said: "As you wish, Master. I shall be right back." The jinn disappeared for a short while. Then he returned and reported to Andrew that his desire had been fulfilled. The jinn then told Andrew that he was leaving and asked Andrew to rub the magic lamp again with his hand when he wanted the jinn to carry out another of his orders. Andrew said: "Okay." The jinn saluted him and vanished into thin air.

Andrew sat there for awhile, thinking about his next wish. He had only two more wishes left. He must use them judiciously. When he had made up his mind, he rubbed the magic lamp again with his hand. The jinn appeared again and said: "What can I do for you, Master?" "Take me to the castle on a horse back where Princess Claudia lives and give me a sword and a shield and a warrior's uniform," Andrew replied. The jinn said: "As you wish, Master."

The next moment Andrew found himself on a horse, standing in front of a beautiful castle dressed and armed like a warrior. There was no sign of the jinn. The jinn had disappeared the moment Andrew's wish was fulfilled. Andrew, of course, had his magic lamp with him.

Andrew was looking at the castle, not sure what to do next. A castle guard approached him and wanted to know who he was and what did he want. Andrew said: "I am Prince Andrew and I am here to see Princess Claudia." After the witch incident, King Arthur had ordered all of his guards not to allow any unknown person into the castle. The guard did not know Prince Andrew. In a warrior's uniform, Andrew did not look like a prince, either. So the guard did not believe him. He thought, as with the witch, that Andrew was an evil person who had come to do harm to his master. The guard asked Andrew to leave. Andrew did not oblige. A quarrel broke out which turned into a fight. The guard attacked Prince Andrew with his sword. Andrew defended himself. Eventually, the whole thing escalated into a violent sword fight.

A fierce sword fight broke out

Andrew, being the champion fencer, defeated the castle guard soon. The guard lay on the ground, exhausted and injured. In the meanwhile, hearing some sort of commotion outside the castle gate, Princess Claudia came to a window to see what was going on. She saw and recognized Andrew. Excited, she waved her hand and shouted: "Andrew, Andrew, come on in!" Andrew looked up, saw Claudia, and galloped through the castle gate on his horse, leaving a trail of dust behind him.

From a castle window, Claudia is asking Andrew to come in, and Andrew galloping through the castle gate on his horse, leaving a trail of dust behind him

Once inside, Andrew was greeted by Claudia. They embraced and kissed each other. Tears rolled down the cheeks of both of them. Each had given up the hope of ever seeing the other again. Claudia introduced Prince Andrew to King Arthur and Queen Helen.

That evening the King and the Queen held a grand banquet to celebrate the happy occasion of their return to normal life and to honor Prince Andrew. In the banquet, choicest food and drinks were served. The castle's chefs prepared the best dishes known to them. The banquet was followed by a music and dance show.

Andrew remained in the castle for two days as Princess Claudia's guest. She was even more beautiful than he had imagined. On the third day, as Princess Claudia and Prince Andrew were sitting on the porch, talking and enjoying the beauty of the area surrounding the castle, Andrew got down on one knee and proposed to Claudia: "Claudia, would you marry me?" Claudia rose, took Andrew's two hands in her hands and said: "Of course dear. I thought you would never ask."

King Arthur and Queen Helen were very pleased to hear the news. But Claudia suddenly said: "But how will we go back to your kingdom and your palace?" Andrew said: "Don't worry. I've planned it all in advance. Just get ready. We are leaving tomorrow morning."

The next morning, after saying goodbye to King Arhur and Queen Helen, Andrew took out his magic lamp and rubbed it with his hand. Immediately, the jinn appeared.

The jinn appearing for the third and last time to obey Andrew's order

Andrew said to the jinn: "Take us to our palace." The jinn said: "As you wish, Master." In no time, Andrew and Claudia arrived at the palace where Andrew lived. King Jacob, and especially Queen Isabelle, were so glad to see Andrew back with his future bride. Jacob and Isabelle began making arrangements for the marriage. After all, it was a royal wedding! Everything had to be lavish and perfect.

On the day of the marriage, a huge party was thrown by King Jacob and Queen Isabelle. Many kings and queens from nearby kingdoms were invited to the marriage. They all came with expensive gifts. More than one hundred chefs were hired to prepare over thirty varieties of dishes for the banquet. Some of the chefs were brought from other countries to prepare exotic dishes. At night there was a big display of fireworks. Thousands upon thousands of pieces of fireworks lit up the night sky for over one hour.

Fireworks lit up the night sky

Prince Andrew and Princess Claudia lived happily everafter.


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