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Taj Mahal - India's main tourist attraction. Tourists travel to India to see the Taj.

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Tour India through stamps? Yes, it is possible. Philately (stamp collecting) and travel are my two passions. I have combined these two passions in this site to give you a pictorial tour of India.

India is enchanting. India is enticing. India is intriguing. India is irresistible. Even a pictorial tour of India will blow your head off.

Over the years India has issued numerous stamps depicting places of interest, such as historical monuments, temples, forts, palaces, important institutions, beaches, mountains etc. which can be collectively called tourist attractions. I have organized these stamps in such a way that they will give the reader a pictorial tour of India.

You will particularly like this tour if you are a stamp collector. Even if you are not a philatelist, you will be amazed to see how much one can learn about a country through its stamps.

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I have arranged my stamps in five main groups. After you leave this page, navigation links will be available from any page to every other page of the same group, and to the first pages only of a different group. If you get lost, links will be available from any page to come back to this page (home page) to get your bearing. You can also click on Site Map to get your bearing.







After you complete this philatelic tour of India, I hope you will be inspired enough to travel to India and actually see the country yourself. India is my country. It is an amazing country. Until you see it yourself, you will never know what you had been missing. So, pick up the phone and call your travel agent. Better yet, go online and book your next vacation to India with an Indian tour operator. Afterall, the locals know better and they can deliver better value for your money. To begin your search, you might want to click here. The site will give you all the preliminary information you need to know to plan your trip to India.

Click here to see Tour India Through Stamps (The Video).

Tips for tourists:

The best time to visit India is from October to February when the weather cools down and the monsoon ends. December and January are India's winter season. Northern India can be quite cold in those months. Bombay (Mumbai), Madras (Chennai), and Calcutta (Kolkata) almost never gets cold, just cool in winter. Madras (Chennai) has two rainy seasons, June-July and December-January. So even if you travel to Madras (Chennai) in winter, expect some rain and carry light rain-gear. Not only do travelers need to choose the time of year to visit, they also need to know how to get the best rates on economy or first class flights to India. First class flights offer much more comfortable seating if your flight to India is a particularly long one.


  1. I do not have all the stamps I need to make this web site more comprehensive. If you are willing to help, please contact me with your offer / proposal. You can also write to me if you have any comments or suggestions.
  2. I am not a topical stamp collector. I am a worldwide stamp collector. But this site should be an eye-opener for the stereotyped topical collectors who do not think tourism can be a topic for stamp collecting. Well, as you will see after going through this site, it can be a wonderful topic - only if you know how to be original, and not just follow the age old tradition. I really would like to see young topical collectors starting a collection that focuses on tourism of their own countries. This will also stimulate the brain of the collector in the process. Trust me.
  3. In this site I have given numerous links for each topic/subject for the benefit of interested readers. The links are all hand-picked for quality and information. It is quite possible that in time some links might become dead. I shall appreciate if readers e-mail me about dead links. (Please write Tour India Through Stamps on the subject line.) I shall try my best to replace dead links with fresh "quality" links as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for your help.


Several of the stamps used to make this web site were gifted to me by Dr. Somnath Roy, retired professor of history, Burdwan University, West Bengal, India. I am deeply indebted to him.

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