India's most popular game - cricket

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India is a cricket-crazy country, though cricket is not India's national game. (India's national game is hockey, i.e., field hockey). Most Indians, men and women, young and old, are simply addicted to cricket. When the game is on ( and it is played over a full day, big matches usually are played over 3 to 5 days at a stretch), most people of the entire country are glued to the television sets watching the match. Life can come to a standstill if India is winning in a Test Match playing against another country. People of British Commonwealth countries are kind of used to this addiction of the general public to cricket. But Americans, many of whom think that cricket is just a bug, simply cannot understand this madness about cricket. Baseball matches last only for a few hours. But what is this game that starts around 9:30 in the morning and continues till about 4:30 in the afternoon? And still the game is not over? It is played over a period of 5 days with a rest day in-between? For the benefit of those, who do not know the rules of this game, here is a link. Click on it and find out.

If you visit India during the cooler months (November to February), and if you stay there for a few weeks, you are likely to come across this cricket madness. So go mentally prepared. You will see that in offices, schools, airports, hotels, bazaars - pratically everywhere - people are talking about cricket.

No wonder cricket has found its place on Indian postage stamps. Here are a few examples:

Click on any stamp to learn more.

Ranjit Sinhji
Ranjit Sinhji
Vinoo Mankad
Vinoo Mankad
Cricket Victories
Cricket Victories
Showing batting, bowling,
and wicket-keeping

India has honored other Indian cricketers too by issuing stamps featuring them. Here is a link to a thematic Indian stamp collector's page showing other Indian cricketers on stamps.



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