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A tourist visiting India from a foreign country is most likely to land at Delhi and his or her India tour is likely to begin from Delhi. Delhi is the hub of tourism in India. So we shall also begin our regional India tour from Delhi and cover the so-called Golden Triangle (Delhi-Agra-Jaipur) first before going to other places in Northern India.

Delhi is a well scattered city. We will gradually travel from south to north to see the various attractions Delhi has to offer to the tourists. The first and foremost attraction on the southern fringe of the city is the Qutab Minar and the Iron Pillar right next to it. These have both appeared on Indian stamps. You can click on any stamp on this page to see a real photograph of the attraction and/or learn more about it.

Qutab Minar. One of Delhi's main tourist attractions.
Qutab Minar
Iron Pillar. It stands right next to the Qutab Minar in Delhi.
Iron Pillar

Then we move towards central Delhi. Three important attractions of central Delhi that I have seen on Indian stamps are India Gate, Parliament House, and the Old Fort or Purana Qila. Here they are:

India Gate. It is the symbol of New Delhi.
India Gate
India's Parliament House in New Delhi.
Parliament House
Old Fort or Purana Qila in Delhi
Purana Qila (Old Fort)

Going farther north, we come to another very famous and well known New Delhi monument - The Red Fort or Lal Qila. Built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan between 1638 and 1648 it is both huge and magnicent. The fort walls are made of red sandsone and it is really red in color. That is how it got its name. Inside the fort, the things that one must see are the Dewan-i-Am (Hall of Public Audiences), Dewan-i-Khas (Hall of Private Audiences), Rang Mahal (Palace of Colors), and the Moti Masjid (Pearl Mosque). The following two stamps show the Red Fort and the Dewan-i-Khas respectively.

Red Fort or Lal Qila. One of Delhi's major attractions.
Red Fort (Lal Qila)
Dewan-i-Khas inside the Red Fort. A must see for tourists visiting Delhi.

This has been a philatelic tour of Delhi. But there are many other things to see in Delhi. Some of the other attractions that you should not miss if you go to Delhi are Rashtrapati Bhavan (Presidential Palace), Humayun's Tomb, Jama Masjid, Lotus Temple, Akshardham Temple Complex, Raj Ghat (where Mahatma Gandhi was cremated), Jantar Mantar, Connaught Place (upscale shopping area), Chandni Chowk, and Dolls Museum.

New addition:

Old Delhi Railway Station
Old Delhi Railway Station
(Click on the stamp for more info)

I visited Delhi in February-March of 2008. Click here to see the many photographs I have taken of the tourist attractions of Delhi.

Tips for tourists:

  1. Northern India can get pretty cold in December-January, India's winter season. Please remember, unless you are staying in luxury hotels, indoor heating is generally not available in India. Also, the trains, buses, boats, taxis, and cars do not usually have heating. So please remember to carry light woolens if you plan to visit northern India in winter. Hilly areas will need heavy woolens.
  2. Delhi is one of the best places in India to taste its famous Mughlai dishes. The city offers all kinds of eateries - from top class restaurants to roadside vendors selling tasty foods. Your Delhi trip could be your best opportunity to taste authentic Mughlai food and other kinds of North Indian dishes. So don't forget to try Indian Mughlai food while you are in Delhi.
  3. Delhi is also considered as the fashion capital of India. The city has spots where clothing known as "export surplus" or "seconds" are sold on the streets at throw away prices. Careful shoppers can find great bargains in items of clothing in these places. Ask a local, such as the taxi driver, or your hotel clerk or concierge, about these spots.

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