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This site is more about tourism than it is about philately. Though I used stamps as pictures of places / things of tourists' interest, my endeavor has been to promote travel to and within India, specially by non-Indians who live in other countries. As I mentioned in the opening page, I am both a stamp collector and a traveler. I have combined both my passions in this web site to promote tourism to India. I am an Indian by birth and I have been living in the USA for the last quarter of a century. India has changed a lot since the time I left the country. Transportation and other tourist facilities such as hotels have improved greatly during this past 25 years. If you like traveling, and you have not been to India yet, you should visit India now. It is not just a land of snake charmers anymore, even though roadside snake charmers still exist there along with atomic power generating stations, space exploration facilities, and fast growing computer industries. And that is what makes India such an interesting destination.

Here are some links to Indian tourism information sites and Indian travel agents. Please visit these sites to plan your next vacation in India.

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