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Vyjayanthimala Bali


Vyjayanthimala Bali or just Vyjayanthimala is a big name in the world of classical Bharatanatyam dance and Indian movies. In fact, she is a living legend of our time. But behind this big name, exists a soft spoken, gentle, kind hearted woman who cares for ordinary people and who wants to save Indian culture and tradition from the Western influence and the perils of modern times.

Vyjayanthimala does not like the fusion between the east and the west. She feels, "East is east, west is west." Personally, she likes to stick to Indian tradition and not copy the west.

Being a deeply religious person, Vyjayanthimala believes in God and in Karma and follows the divine path with devotion and sincerity. The glitter and glamour of Bollywood has not changed the person who was brought up in an orthodox Hindu family in a traditional Indian way. Contrary to what the general public thinks about her, Vyjayanthimala believes in "simple living and high thinking."

Dance is Vyjayanthimala's first love and she advises young students to learn music first before trying to learn dancing, because without a solid knowledge of music and understanding of the lyrics, it is impossible to bring out the right expressions that is so essential for a good dancer. Vyjayanthimala founded and still oversees a dancing school in Chennai called the Natyalaya Academy of Classical Bharatanatyam and Music.

Her special interest is promotion of Indian arts and culture, welfare of women and children. To serve the poor and downtrodden and to look after the welfare of women and children, Vyjayanthimala has established a charitable trust named after her late husband - Dr. Bali Pharma Foundation.

So behind that name Vyjayanthimala, which brings that "Beauty Queen" or "Glamour Queen" impression in the minds of most people, there exists this flesh and blood person who is doing so much for the ordinary and less fortunate people, and for her country.

Thank you Vyjayanthimala-ji. God bless you.

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