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Vyjayanthimala Bali

Here are some Vyjayanthimala photos arranged in random order. Please click on the thumbnail to see the larger picture open up in a new window. Then click the Back button to come back to this page.

Vyjayanthimala 17 Vyjayanthimala 18 Vyjayanthimala 19 Vyjayanthimala 20
Vyjayanthimala 21 Vyjayanthimala 22 Vyjayanthimala 23 Vyjayanthimala 24
Vyjayanthimala 25 Vyjayanthimala 26 Vyjayanthimala 27 Vyjayanthimala 28
Vyjayanthimala 29 Vyjayanthimala 30 Vyjayanthimala 31 Vyjayanthimala 32

Disclaimer: I do not claim credit for any of the above photos. All photos have been collected from the Internet and the source of each photo has been mentioned in the new window in which the larger photo appears. Please contact me if you have any concern.

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Source of the image of Vyjayanthimala on top of the page: http://movies.indiainfo.com/newsbytes/nfcb.html

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