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Movie: "Jewel Thief" (1967).   Song: "Dil pukare" with Dev Anand.

Movie: "Sunghursh" (1968).   Song: "Jab dil se dil takrata hai" with Dilip Kumar.

Movie: "Prince" (1968).   Song: "Muqabila hum se na karo". An interesting dance
competition between Vyjayanthimala (Indian style) and Helen (Western style).
The leading man is Shammi Kapoor.

Movie: Leader (1964).   Song: "Tere husn ki kya" with Dilip Kumar.

Movie: Sangam (1964).   Song: "Bol Radha bol sangam" with Raj Kapoor.

Movie: "Amrapali" (1966).   Dance competition scene.
My favorite scene.

Movie: "Amrapali" (1966).   Vyjayanthimala dancing as Royal Dancer.
Sadly, Vyjayanthimala decided to quit movies when "Amrapali"
did not meet expectations at the box office.
She had poured her heart and soul out to do this movie.
Vyjayanthimala did a few more movies after this,
but they were not her best efforts.

I salute you Vyjayanthimala-ji. And we all miss you.

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