Where is the clipboard
in Windows XP?

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Where is the clipboard in XP?

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When I first upgraded to Windows XP, one day I needed to view my clipboard to see what is in it, and was puzzled to find that it does not exist in XP. I could not beleive it. Then I went to the Internet and started to look for information about the clipboard in XP. Soon I solved the mystery.

Well, clipboard does exist in Windows XP (it is called "clipbook" in XP), but you cannot access the Clipboard Viewer the way you could in all previous versions of Windows (Start --> Programs --> Accesories --> System Tools --> Clipboard Viewer).

If you use Clipboard Viewer from time to time, you should put an icon for Clipboard Viewer on your Start menu, or you should create a shortcut for it on your Desktop. That will make your life much easier. Here is how to do either of this:

1. Click on Start, then click on My Computer.
2. Double-click on your Local Disk (C:). (It is under Hard Disk Drives.)
3. Double-click on the Windows Folder. (If prompted, just say you want to see what's inside.)
4. Double-click on System32 Folder. (Again, if prompted, just say you want to see what's inside.)
5. Scroll down the page until you see a file named Clipbrd.
6. Drag and drop the Clipbrd file onto your Start button.

That's it. That creates a shortcut to Clipboard Viewer on the Start menu and it looks like this:

Clipboard Viewer icon on Start menu
Figure 1
Clipboard Viewer shortcut created on Start menu

To create a shortcut to Clipboard Viewer on your Desktop, right-click on the Clipbrd file in the Systen32 Folder, select Send To, then select Desktop (Create Shortcut). That will create a shortcut to Clipboard Viewer on your Desktop which will look like this:

Clipboard Viewer shortcut created on Desktop
Figure 2
Clipboard Viewer shortcut created on Desktop

You can double-click on this shortcut icon anytime to open the Clipboard Viewer. When it opens, you can see immediately what it contains as of that moment. At the time of capturing the screenshot, my Clipboard Viewer looked like this:

Contents of my clipboard
Figure 3
Contents of my clipboard

You can empty the contents of your clipboard by clicking on Edit on the Menubar in Clipbook Viewer window then clicking Delete on the resulting dropdown menu, and then saying Yes in the dialog box that will follow. The contents of the clipboard automatically gets deleted when the computer is shutdown or when it is re-started. Some programs ask if you want to save or empty the contents of the clipboard when you close the program.

Now that the clipboard mystery in Windows XP is solved, relax a little. Have a few laughs. Watch the following video. It'll prolong your life!

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