Links to some useful computer
sites / articles

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Windows XP Desktop and Start menu

Restoring your computer to a pre-defined point

Updating Windows XP automatically

Where is the clipboard in XP?

Maintaining the computer running XP

What happened to ScanDisk?

Doing routine files and folders tasks in Windows XP

How to burn a CD in XP

How to use the Backup utility in Windows XP

Playing DVDs made for other regions

Simple suggestions to keep your computer running smoothly

Password help

Power saving tips

Some FREE & really useful software everybody should have

Links to some useful computer sites / articles

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Beginners in computing might find the following companion sites more useful:

The above sites are specially designed for seniors who are new to computing.

For those who are afraid to upgrade to Windows 8.1, I have good news. Just click on the following link and check it out yourself.

WINDOWS 8.1 HELP Windows XP Help by Shoban Sen

Please take a look at Shoban's India Page. It has everything Indian.

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Here are some computer sites I found useful:

GCF - Computers

Home & Learn Computer Tutorials

Bleeping Computer

Grownup Geek

Dave's Computer Tips

Carol's Corner Office


FMS Computer Training

Plucked from the Web

Peter Ghiringhelli's Weborama 2014

Oz Web Hub

Carlos Computers

Space Coast PC Users Group Online

Here are some computer articles I found useful:

Windows XP System Restore is Easy to Use

How to restore Windows XP to a previous state

Norton Internet Security 2007: Setup a Trust to Share Files

Windows XP Backup Made Easy

How To Back Up a Hard Drive

Maintaining Your Windows XP-based PC (Automatically)

4 Windows XP Maintenance Tips

Windows XP CD Burning Secrets

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