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As stated in the previous section, Scandisk per se, does not exist in Windows XP under All Programs --> Accessories --> System Tools. But XP does provide this utility under a different name and in a different location. Don't ask me why Microsoft did this, because I don't know the answer.

I myself stumbled upon this problem for the first time, about a month after I bought my new computer that came loaded with Windows XP Home Edition. I started performing the routine maintenance things like updatimg Windows, updating Norton Internet Security (that is the brand I use, you can use the brand of your choice) and scanning my whole computer with it, disk clean-up, disk defragmentation, and running Scandisk. But where is Scandisk? I looked and looked, but Scandisk was not to be found anywhere.

I never give up easily. So I went to Microsoft's web site, specifically at Windows XP site and started looking. Within minutes I discovered the answer. I am sure, many of you have experienced the same problem, at least those who have used the earlier versions of Windows and got into the habit of using Scandisk as part of computer maintenance. For those who have not figured it out yet, here is how you check for errors on your hard disk in Windows XP:

  1. On your desktop, double-click on My Computer.
  2. Right-click on the local disk (usually C:) you want to check.
  3. Click on Properties.
  4. Click on Tools.
  5. Under Error-checking, click Check Now.
  6. Under Check disk options, click on the check box marked Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors.
  7. Click Start.

Here are the screenshots of the steps:

Local Disk Properties: Tools tab clicked
Figure 1
Screenshot showing Tools tab clicked on
Local Disk Properties dialog box.

Check Disk Local Disk dialog box
Figure 2
Screenshot showing
Check Disk Local Disk dialog box.

Checking Disk Local Disk dialog box
Figure 3
Screenshot showing
Checking Disk Local Disk progress bar.

Disk Check Complete
Figure 4
Windows is announcing:
Disk Check Complete.

Helpful hints: Disk error checking takes quite some time. I just did mine. It took nearly an hour and a half. This, of course, will depend on your hard drive size. My hard drive is pretty big (240 GB). Disk check is done in 4 phases. While the disk check continues, Windows will show you a progress bar. The last phase (phase 4) takes maximum time. When finished, Windows will tell you that disk check is complete. So just be patient, or do something else during this time. But keep an eye on the computer for any error messages or anything indicating a problem. It is best not to use the computer while the disk check is in progress.

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