Home Movie Making Tutorials for Beginners

Creating imaginative and entertaining home movies is possible for almost anyone thanks to the myriad apps available that turn smartphones and tablets into video recorders. After shooting the footage, it's possible to edit and upload a home movie to the Internet to share it with the world. Although uncut movie versions have their place, it can be much more satisfying to edit and polish your own home movie to create an innovative masterpiece. With practice, home movie editing can become second nature and enable you to produce movies you'll be proud to share.

Movie-Making Process

The first step to making a home movie involves capturing the video or still picture files. You can use a smartphone, tablet, or digital camera for recording. After recording the video or still pictures, you can either transfer them to a computer or edit them using an app on a smartphone or tablet. Video editing software requires you to import files into the software, usually creating a project file. Within the project file, you can edit, arrange, cut, add, and incorporate music to create your home movie. Adding sound involves importing music files into the software and adding them to the project file. You can also choose to fade in and out of music. You might then add transitions and effects such as fades between segments, dissolving scenes, and vintage washed effects before saving your final project file. Once finished, the next step is to publish your movie project. You will designate the quality of the playback and select the format before sharing it with others. You can then upload your movie to an Internet platform such as YouTube. You might also opt to burn your movie to a DVD.

Apps and Software

Windows Live Movie Maker and iMovie are among the most popular programs for computer movie editing. These programs enable users to use a storyboard function to arrange clips into the desired sequence, adding transitions for pacing and effects for interest as desired. If the budget allows, high-end software such as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro can offer extensive editing capabilities to help deliver high-quality results. Video editing on a smartphone or tablet is possible with apps such as Adobe Premiere Clip, Magisto, and Lapse It. These apps offer simple interfaces that most users can learn without difficulty.