Staying Safe Online

Anyone with an online presence should practice cybersecurity. A secure hosting service and good cybersecurity measures can protect you from viruses, spammers, and hackers. Using Best Net Guru will supply you with the best in email security, but even so, it's helpful to learn more about personal cybersecurity measures. Following these guidelines will help give you the safest emailing experience possible.

Change Your Password Regularly

A strong password is a solid defense against hackers. Changing a password regularly will deter attempts to hack into your email. You'll likely want a password that's easy to remember, but it's also important to choose something that would be difficult for others to guess. All passwords should be at least 8 characters long and include numbers, punctuation, and upper- and lowercase letters.

Use an Email Encryption Program

Whenever sending emails with sensitive information, an encryption program should be in place. The email messages, archives, and connection should all be encrypted. Unencrypted emails are vulnerable to hackers, especially on a public or shared network. Our email settings will use encryption by default.

Don't Open Suspicious Emails

Fraudulent emails are used to trick recipients into turning over security credentials or personal information. How do you know if an email is from a hacker? There are a few telltale signs of a dangerous email. Be wary of any emails that contain URLs. If you do want click on a link, be sure the URL in the email is the same as what appears in the hyperlinked address. Emails that ask for money or make unrealistic threats are most definitely spam. A legitimate agency would not request money via email.

Use a Firewall

Your firewall analyzes all of your incoming mail to decide what should be flagged as spam. This is a strong security measure against malicious mail.

Never Open Unexpected Attachments

When attachments are sent from senders you don't know, these files often contain viruses. Unless the sender described the attachment and had a good reason for sending it, do not open it.